Natural-dyed jacquard knit

Natural-dyed jacquard knit

MAITO's standard cotton jacquard knit series. The cotton is soft to the touch and popular not only in the fall and winter, but also in the spring. We would like to introduce such a popular product, Jacquard knit, also known as the JQ series!

What is Jacquard knitting?

Jacquard loom is an automatic loom invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard, a French inventor in the 19th century. This Jacquard loom can create weave patterns at will. Unlike printed patterns, these fabrics are durable and firm, with a thickness and three-dimensional pattern that can be enjoyed. The principle of this loom can also be used to create "knitting patterns" at will.

Diverse Weaving Patterns

The patterns are created by intricately weaving different colored yarns from the Jacquard series. The yarns are woven using the "top-dyeing" technique, in which dyeing is done at the cotton stage. Top-dyeing is characterized by its higher colorfastness and resistance to color fading than tie-dyeing or other post-dyeing methods.
The soft cotton jacquard series dyed with the top-dyeing process is durable and spacious, and is recommended for both room time and outings.
knot 草木染めレザーバンド

Another feature of Jacquard knitting is that the pattern can be created on the reverse side as well. Jacquard scarves can be reversible according to your mood or coordination. Skirts are very comfortable when combined with the cotton legwear series. Cotton is also a relatively antistatic material. Especially in winter when static electricity is a concern, why not try coordinating cotton knits? When wearing nylon tights, try matching them with cotton skirts, which are very comfortable.