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Human- and earth-friendly natural dyeing


Many Japanese colors are named after plants.
This was due to a fascination with the hues of natural plants, ores, and animals. The technique of "natural dyeing" has been cultivated since ancient times based on such a desire to "dye the colors of my dreams. However, most cloth products on the market today are dyed with chemical dyes. In addition, many products that claim to be dyed with herbal dyes are actually dyed with a mixture of chemical dyes. Compared to grass and tree dyeing, the unit cost of dyes is lower and the colors are more resistant to fading, so it is probably inevitable that chemical dyes are chosen.
However, we insist on "true natural dyeing" without the use of chemical dyes. This is because compared to chemical dyes, which are made of heavy metals and chemical substances, natural dyes, which are made of all natural materials, are environmentally friendly and can be used with peace of mind.