Natural dyed organic cotton leg wear

Natural dyed organic cotton leg wear

These original socks are knitted at a sock factory in Nara using yarns dyed from organic cotton raw materials with a gentle touch and soft colors.
These socks are perfect for the coming season because they are resistant to static electricity.
In autumn and winter, when styling tends to be more subdued, bright socks can be worn as a point of interest to add a cute touch to your feet!


Socks knitted at a sock factory in Nara, Japan

MAITO socks are knitted entirely at a highly skilled sock factory in Nara, a major production center of socks. Each process of sock production is very delicate, and requires precise work to maintain the strength and quality of the socks.


Using yarns spun from organic cotton raw cotton that has been dyed by plants and trees

We dye the fabric rather than the product, the yarn rather than the fabric, and the yarn further back to the state of cotton before the yarn is dyed by plants and trees.
The yarn is knitted using "top-dyed, herb-dyed yarn" that combines the gentle colors unique to herb-dyeing with high color fastness, so it is resistant to fading and can be used with peace of mind.

With a wide variety of colors, you can enjoy coordinating the perfect color to match your shoes and mood of the day. Why not find your favorite color for the leg wear you wear every day?