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Pulled out of nature real colors

True colors from nature
Natural Dye
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Sakura dye

Sakura-dyed items
Spring-colored scarves and knitwear are suggested.
Sakura dye

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Indigo dyeing colors for summer.
On a hot summer day, the re...
Natural dyed organic cotton leg wear
These original socks are k...


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The days are getting darker and we are beginning to feel the arri...

The days are ge...

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"NANAO" vol.66 summer2021

Maito is introduced in the kimono quarterly magazine "Nanao" on s...

Maito is introd...


What we are doing to address environmental impacts
Uses eco-friendly materials
  Most of MAITO's cotton products are made from organic cotton. The literal translation of the word "organic" is "organically grown". Organic cotton is cotton grown on farmland...
Human- and earth-friendly natural dyeing
  Many Japanese colors are named after plants.This was due to a fascination with the hues of natural plants, ores, and animals. The technique of "natural dyeing" has been culti...
To make things with materials and processes that have a positive impact on the global environment.
MAITO dyes its products using "natural dye". We generally call it "Kusaki Zome" because it is easier to understand, but it is sometimes called "vezitable dyeing", "eco-dyeing"...